Magination - A magnetic toolkit for hands-on learning and creativity!

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Magination - A magnetic toolkit for hands-on learning and creativity!
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Remember those magnet gifs? This is where you get it! Magination is a magnetic, experimental and creative game akin to a deck of cards!

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Learn About Our Project:

Creativity starts with Magination. The game consists of different magnetic pieces that can be used to play a variety of games. You can think of Magination like a magnetic deck of cards, where you’re not only getting one game, but a toolset that allows you to play an unlimited amount of games. Unlike a deck of cards is it much easier to be creative and find unique ways to play. You can also use the pieces to build magnetic structures and experiment to find new ways to embrace the magnetic force.

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Playing with magnets can be really fun and mesmerizing. We wanted to share this with the world, and posted some gifs on Reddit for feedback some days ago. We were not prepared for what you guys did; sharing, commenting and liking, making Magination more popular than we ever could imagine. We are incredibly grateful and excited, and we will work day and night to deliver something extraordinary to you through this Kickstarter campaign.

Magination currently consists of three pieces; The Single, Double and Triple. The pieces are designed to interact together in many ways, pushing, pulling, shooting, connecting and stacking upon each other. Magnetism makes it fun to experiment and play with the pieces, and you’ll find yourself just fiddling with it for hours on end. This is where the creative element kicks in, and before you know it, you have suddenly invented a new way to use the pieces. Your new invention can now be used to develop Magination further, through the community!

That’s right! We’re developing an online community where Magination can evolve. You’ll be able to find games, rate them, and upload your own, and never running out of awesome ways to play. We know you guys will find more creative ways to use Magination than we ever could, and it’s going to be beyond exciting to see what we will be able to create together! Because this is a team effort, we’re going to let you in on important decisions for the future of Magination. What should the next piece-color be? Should we create an entirely new piece, expanding the possibilities for Magination even further? You are in charge, together with every Magination player out there. Let’s make Magination together!

Magination is great for playing games, and the different rules will make it possible for anyone to find something they enjoy to play. We developed our games with simplicity and modifiability in mind. This means you can take the core elements you need to play, and easily modify them or add rules of your own. That way you and your friends can easily make the games even more fun. We will even include suggestions of our own, that you can choose to include or not. You play Magination the way you like it, not the way we say it! Here are some of the standard Magination games to get your creativity flowing!

Magination is module based, and currently consists of two modules. Each Magination set is made up by multiples of these modules, where you are free to choose the colors you want among the available colors. Backers have already voted on yellow as the fourth color. A fifth color will open if we reach our final stretch goal!

Because we are going to use BackerKit to collect your shipping-information next year, you'll be able to extend your set further with add-ons when you receive your BackerKit-survey next year. That way you can personalize your set, by adding extra pieces/modules/sets to your existing Kickstarter reward. Which add-ons you can choose will be announced in due time before the surveys are sent out. 

Sadly, we are not able to deliver this awesomeness before Christmas, but we have made a Christmas card that you can print out and give as a replacement. Click here to go to the post with a step by step instruction to make the card. The following cheerful illustration is used in the card! 

We use local manufacturers to make sure that we deliver excellent quality. This makes sure they are safer to play with, and last longer. 

We have partnered up with Ideaspatcher in France, making this Kickstarter EU-friendly! This means that if you live in a EU-country you don’t have to pay VAT. We like that, and hope that you do as well! We’ve also done our best to give you as good shipping prices as we could, so we will pay some of the shipping costs for you on the bigger rewards.

Magnets are perfect for playing and having fun, but you should not eat them. Eating one of the game pieces is bad in itself, as you can choke on it. Eating two or more magnets with a couple of minutes or hours in between could be dangerous. They could attract and attach to each other from different places in your intestine and could be fatal.

The idea behind Magination started three years ago with Tobias playing with some coin magnets he got from an online store. Fascinated by the way they interacted on each other, he went to his roommate Juul Arthur to show them off. Playing with magnets became a hobby, and Magination was born. When Hanna joined, we picked up speed as Magination evolved into a platform for creativity, rather than a game. The joy of creating and experimenting have been cornerstones for the team, together with a desire to allow anyone to experience the same.

Tobias, Hanna and Juul Arthur.